We at Ewloe Kebab & Pizza House aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Ewloe. Give us feedback.

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Very good service and delicious pizza.

Susan, 07 May 2021

Very good

Tom, 03 May 2021

Would not use anyone else

Michelle, 02 May 2021

Best around !

Gareth, 30 Apr 2021


Tony, 29 Apr 2021

Excellent value, very quick and very clean. Thanks.

Lisa, 28 Apr 2021

Great food

Helen, 24 Apr 2021

Consistent service

Derren, 21 Apr 2021

Great. Thank guys

Sue , 20 Apr 2021

good food

Liam, 20 Apr 2021

Always excellent

Amie, 17 Apr 2021

Always been excellent and quick delivery

Graham, 17 Apr 2021

Delicious food good service

Jane, 17 Apr 2021

Second time and fantastic x

Emma , 14 Apr 2021

The meat is burnt or grilled on a dirty grill. Today I am not satisfied.

Diana, 09 Apr 2021

This guy’s is great

John, 05 Apr 2021

Lovely kebab as always. Disappointed only one slice of tomato. Maybe a little less onion and lettuce next time and maybe add a bit more tomato

Lesley, 03 Apr 2021

Great food and fast delivery thank guys

Gareth, 01 Apr 2021

Only received 1 Capri Sun, should have been 2 drinks

Alan, 01 Apr 2021

Amazing food!

Nikita, 31 Mar 2021

Always very nice food and quality service

Lisa, 30 Mar 2021

Really need expand your delivery to flint. Sat here eating a crap kebab cos it was local. Quality not distance

Darren, 30 Mar 2021

Delicious pizza

Owen, 28 Mar 2021

Delicious food and fast delivery

Stewart, 28 Mar 2021

OMG!! Very delicious,hot food and fast delivery Thank you so MUCH.I love you guys !!

Hasan Kadiroglu, 27 Mar 2021

Great food thank you.

Nick, 25 Mar 2021